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Bell Atlantic Advanced Research Division
Internet Commerce and Security (White Papers)

IBM Bethesda Maryland Technology Research Center
Video-on-Demand Server Principles of Operation
Video-on-Demand Server Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Medium Rate Data Switch Operations and Maintenance Guide
Introduction to Data Communication Training Course

PRC, Inc.
Test Plan for X.400 Defense Message System (User Agent and Message Store)

NEDIX Backbone Switch Product Specification
NEDIX Data Concentrator/Protocol Converter Product Specification
NEDIX Data Concentrator/Protocol Converter Administrator Guide

BancTec, Inc.
Image Archive System Administrator Guide
Image Retrieval Application User Guide
Image Archive Operator's Training Course
System Administrator Training Course
Document Transport Controller Application Programmers Interface
Image Archive Integration Test Plan
Image Archive Acceptance Test Plan

Alcatel Network Systems
Digital Switching System, Documentation Plan
Digital Switching System, Product Description - Call Processing and Maintenance
Digital Switching System, Administration Guide
Digital Switching System, Billing Software Test Plan

LCC, Inc.
CellCAD Test Plan
Cell Site Radio Interface Design Methodology

Hughes Network Systems
IS-136 Base Station Installation Guide

Visix, Inc.
Galaxy Development Environment Application Programmers Interface

Corporation for Open Systems
ISO Protocol Test Engine Description
X.25, FTAM, and X.400 Test Suite Descriptions and User Guides
Conference Brochures - Open Networking